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OCourts plugs into the Administration of the Courts backend system to deliver your results instantly.

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Electronic Documents

Prepare, Sign, and Save document electronically


Schedule your hearings and cases effortlessly

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The Benefits

  • Manage and View all the Cases,Defendants information in a Scheduled Calendar and Scheduling Multiple cases at a time.
  • Reducing lot of paper work with the help of Court Specific Electronic documents.
  • Simultaneous view of Electronic documents to all parties in Court and allows to sign Digitally.

Setup fees Starting at

$ 2500

Annual fees starting at

$ 1200

* Pricing based on modules, customization, and case volume



Since adopting OCourt we have experienced an increases in productivity and case accuracy.

OCourt makes case management a breeze! Courtroom schedules can be reviewed at glance or rescheduled in seconds.

Improved Access to Justice – effective use of technology provides immediate and meaningful access and efficient delivery of court documents, services, and hearing dates.

- Kristi Schorn, Court Admin,Renton Municipal Courts

I enjoy using OCourt; it’s user-friendly and definitely the best time-saving tools we have here in the court!

-Trish Kinlow, Court Admin, Tukwila Municipal Court

The implementation of OCourt for Tukwila Municipal Court has made our clerical processes extremely efficient, especially the courtroom processes. The email feature has been wonderful to forward forms to the Jails, Attorneys, etc. and has removed the process for copying and faxing or mailing. Also, I believe the way the forms are designed has made it easier for the defendants to understand their paperwork. The court is also saving significant costs associated with having to use printed forms. Overall, it has been a very positive change for this court.

-Amy Bell, Tukwila Municipal Court

As a Probation Officer, I used to wait a week or more to get paperwork sent to me by the Court. With OCourt, the court paperwork is received immediately, allowing me to do my job more efficiently.

-Probation Officer, Tukwila Municipal Court

Overall, OCourt is extremely efficient and effective. It seems to have streamlined our processes a great deal in the courtroom, and saved our staff quite a bit of time. Knowing where we are now, I would never choose to reverse the clock to our old processes.

Tukwila Municipal Court Judicial Support Associate, Tukwila Municipal Court

OCourt is wonderful. It has modernized our court processes, and created consistency in forms for our local courts. Courtroom training is now easy thanks to OCourt.

Tukwila Municipal Court Judicial Support Associate, Tukwila Municipal Court

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